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I have been using tomtom on my Android for some time now with no problems syncing both routes and places. Recently the software on my Samsung updated and whilst all of my places re-synchronised none of my routes transferred from my desk top. I can find no way of getting the routes to synchronise. Has anyone got any idea of what is happening


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    "New" 2.0.? version is rolling out to some subscribers. Many features we are used to are gone. Some may be returning. I went to APK Mirror and downloaded the "old" 1.18.1 fully functioning version and side-loaded it. I use it it work so beta-ware is a non-starter for me.

    As for your question, Routes are gone for now. POI's can be manually side-loaded.

    The bad news is eventually the 1.18.1 maps will get too old and 1.18.1 will become useless.

    Me, I'm standing by hoping they'll fix it. Nearly two decades on TomTom but then I just dumped DirecTV after 23 years. YTTV is my new bride. Any suitors to replace TT? I think I already have danced with them and didn't ask for a second whirl. There is always Google. Sucks but free.
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    After years of looking down at people who locked themselves into the Apple ecosystem I'm now in danger of becoming a Google whore. My own TV journey was from Dish to YTTV, my phone service went from H2O to Google Fi (for the international roaming features) and my driving navigator of choice for short city journeys, to take advantage of rat-runs and to avoid temporary road closures and congestion, is now Waze.
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    Good picks. For me I came from DirecTV to YTTV but have always been PC and Android because they are "open" systems. Stunned by TT's latest endeavor and I am using G Maps more and more. The problem with Maps is that it does not lend itself to workday planning. Neither does TT anymore and Maps and Waze are free. Haven't looked at Waze in awhile. Thanks for the suggestion.