Custom POIs not showing on MyDrive?

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As title says... I created a custom ov2 POI to contain a list of 5 camp sites so far (using Using Google Chrome on my Win10 PC, I've loaded MyDrive > MyPlaces > POI Files > Import POI file and loaded the created file. It loads ok, appears under 'POI Files' under MyPlaces now, but I cannot see any of the POIs on the map, nor do any of them appear when I try and 'Search' for them; it's basically as though MyDrive doesn't know they exist.

HOWEVER, if I use the Rider 550, go into 'MyPlaces' on that, it displays the name of the POI File I imported and if I click on it, it lists the camp sites contained within the POI. The camp sites also appear on the map on the 550 and I can navigate to them . (although I had to go to Settings > Appearance > Show POI lists on map and enable them for the POI in question). The whole process for importing POI's seems a bit clunky, so it could well be that I'm doing something wrong, but it seems bizarre that I can get the POIs on the 550 device, but not MyDrive. It's frustrating as the only way I can save the camp sites at the moment is by adding them directly to Favorites and that list is getting unwieldy.

I've tried doing a search already, lots of talk on POI's, but couldn't spot anything on this specifically (apologies if I just missed it). Anyone have any suggestions how to resolve please?

Just to check the POI file created correctly, I've imported it into Tyre and exported it from MyDrive (after loading) and re-imported into both Tyre and POI Editor and it all checks out. It also checks out in ITN Converter too.


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    One of my poi groups does not show on go essential but OK on xxl
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    Own poi cannot be displayed in MyDrive Webside or MyDrive App.
    Its only a way that you can see the Poi on your device.
    RodMercer wrote: »
    One of my poi groups does not show on go essential but OK on xxl
    Sometimes the names cause difficulties if they contain certain letters or special characters.
    Do not use äüö.
    Rename the file to Test and try again
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    I imported two files. They show up in the POI lists, they are searcheable. I have them "Show" with an icon in the settings. They do not show on the map of my Rider 550.