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Hi there,

I own a TomTom Rider 450, which does his work on the road like it should.
But now i want to do some legal offroad stuff. Like TET Belgium, France, Spain.
I thaught i could use the Rider 450 for that also, but when searching in this forum and the internet, it seems that the Rider does not support Offroad.

Meaning, if i want to ride some TET tracks, i need to buy myself a new navigation system. (Garmin, Tripy,...)



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    Yes, Your TomTom Rider always maps Tracks to accessible roads on the map.

    By selecting Bicycle route or Walking route your Rider will be able to drive much more small roads.( You can check if this works for your TET tacks at home.)

    With both GPX Track 2 OV2 and Load Track on my website you can create a POI Trackpoint Overlay to see the original track-points on your Rider.

    But the Rider is not able to display large amounts of POI's on the screen.
    Also most route planners have a long distance between track-points on a straight piece of track. Then you can interpolate extra track-points with the GPSBabel command line. For example: gpsbabel -i gpx -f d:\track.gpx -x interpolate,distance=0.01k -o gpx -F d:\newtrack.gpx

    (Also OsmAnd(+) on a Android phone is a good option to navigate Off-Road.)