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Mapshare issues


1 question how I erase my mapshare updates from my tomtom 6250?
A lot of them give me wrong restrictions and because of this my gps make weird routes trying to detour them.

Thank you


  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 10,923 Moderator
    Hello DamageMe

    What exactly makes you think that the MapShare updates are casing the bad routings on your GO 6250?

    In the last two map updates(v10.35 and v10.41) we have seen a rise in the number of reports for weird routing for the truck devices.

    There is a ticket which is being investigated and we were expecting some improvements in the last v10.41.

    If you could share the vehicle dimensions, start and the endpoint of the planned route then I can add that to the ticket.

  • DamageMeDamageMe Posts: 58 [Renowned Trailblazer]

    My setup is truck
    16.5 2.5 4.00 40 tone 9 tine axle
    Because some users mark that some roads are forbidden for trucks my gps try to make another route. I make example with roads that are not forbidden by trucks but mapshare purple line is there
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