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Tom tom amigo average speed limit is wrong
Tuesday I went M5 there was 50 mph tom tom amigo was saying 45 mph, there's a glitch in the system. Definitely need to fix some bugs camera warning after I have pass the camera The app is slow, camera warnings come up where there are no cameras, and the app is still not compatible with androids multi-screen function, and there is no option to avoid tolls on your route. Also speed limits need to be updated, and I can’t see cameras on the map of any other City then the one I’m in. Also a lot of addresses don’t come up in the satnav


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    Hi @Alkah

    Welcome to the Community! I would like you to know that we're aware of incorrect speed limits in some areas. However, we hope that the following map update will improve the speed limits soon. Meanwhile, if you wish you can report this using our MapShare reporter-

    The Android multi-screen function is not compatible with the new AmiGO App but you can use the overlay mode (allows an app to display content over another app) which you can activate by tapping on the "speed pill", then at the bottom of the screen it should say "Tap here for Overlay".

    AmiGO is a free app for the daily commute focused on community input including:
    • Online maps with live services (speed cameras, traffic, road closures, road works)
    • Basic turn-by-turn navigation
    • Reporting for speed cameras, traffic, road closures, road works

    For advanced turn-by-turn navigation including alternative routes & avoiding tolls, you can use the Go Mobile App.

    Regards, lampard