TT Start 50 will not stop updating

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Hi, I have TT Start 50 and since I had an SD card failure decided to reset the device from settings and the inserted a new SD card open my drive and tried to reinstall maps and everything. The problem is I can't even add my device now. If I connect the device to p my drive says just welcome it looks like it does not recognize device but the system tray icon says : downloading updates, waiting for new items to install, but most of the time says device busy. The tomtom continously say updating do not disconnect, and the spinning circle. I tried I think everything change 5 USB cables, changed 2 pcs, reset device with 30 sec holding power, white text appears the 3 times power letting my drive to restore device. This continous update sometimes succeeds and says update successful but then it starts all over again, let it overnight 2 days in a row sometimes it completes the so called update in. 3 4 hours sometimes in 24h. I don't know what to do with it to make it work.


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    Hi Razvan_20

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    Could you try clearing the cache in MyDrive Connect - Settings-


    Once done do a soft reset on the device and connect it again.