Specific cameras give no alert

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Hi, I have a GO 5200 with 4gb internal memory spare.

Some months ago a stretch of average speed cameras along the A12 stopped generating alerts on my device. At some point after several updates these cameras started to generate alerts once more when I travelled that route.

After a long drive this Christmas I noticed these cameras have stopped generating alerts again, furthermore some of the smaller side gantry cameras on the north section of the M25 are now no longer generating alerts.

Any ideas why? Thanks


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    Did you often put the device in sleepmode?
    Then try it with a reset or a shut down on the device.
    Reset: Holt the powerbutton about 30sec til the device starts again with the TomTom Logoe and the drumsound.
    Then observe or simulate the route again
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    That worked, thank you very much. I will remember to restart my device more frequently
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    For general improvement using the Tomtom Speed Cam Database over the default settings

    Always use a Computer voice...
    Serena or Malcolm in the UK
    From the main screen... Tap (.... Menu) -> Setting -> Sounds & Warnings...
    Set... 'Warning Type' to... Read Allowed... (Important... Needs a Computer Voice set in the Voices menu)
    Speed Cameras & Hazards... Set to ON
    The next 10 Setting ALL set to Always
    The next 4 Settings ALL set to ON
    The device will now say....
    'Fixed Camera'
    'Mobile Hot Spot'
    'Red-light Camera'
    'Accident Black-spots
    ‘Spoken Traffic delays’

    Speed Cams
    If you keep a check on the Traffic-bar... The device gives you a visual Warning of the next Fixed or Mobile Speed Camera many miles before you reach the camera
    Even more info if in the 'Setting menus' you setup a Wide Traffic/Route Bar