NVA-SD8110 Mazda - unable to download map

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I am presently trying to download the latest map update via TomTom Home ( and it is crashing part way through.
There are two items to download (after I have deselected the quick-fix small updates), "Download Europe - Northern Europe" which works fine but the second item, "Download Europe" gets to ~80% complete then resets back to ~50% complete and then hangs with a "You have cancelled the process, click done to continue" message. Not sure what the 2nd item is as I have reduced the items to download to just the map update.

I am able to successfully download and install the quick-fixes, phone setting update & speed cameras items.

I have tried this process several times and on separate days, has anyone else had this problem?


  • VikramK
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    hi @Anne_Ips

    Welcome to the community!

    There is a problem with TomTom HOME that tries to offer you maps that are old and currently inactive(subscription).

    The latest map of Europe is v10.40, only if this map version is offered as an update please install it. Any other old version getting offered will only cause freezing issues.

    Vikram :)