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Have to reinstall Maps after phone restart

Not sure what I did to the phone. I have a 128 GB Scandisk SD card in. Moto G6 play phone. Running Android 8.

Whenever I restart the phone it comes back with an SD card full/ or inaccessible warning. Even though it has plenty of space on it. I also have map sets loaded on it.

GO asks me to RESET which I do but it means I have to redownload all the maps again.

The app then works quite happily until the phone is turned off and restarted.

How can I avoid this problem ?


  • AsprinAsprin Posts: 271 [Supreme Pioneer]

    I would test with another SD card.

    Could be a problem with the one you have.
  • Clive1955Clive1955 Posts: 3 [Novice Seeker]
    I have tried a different card and get the same problem.

    I have also reformated the 128 GB Scandisk and checked with Diskpart in DOS that it is not read only. Get the same problem on switching on the phone.

    I can resimulate the problem by dismounting and remounting the SD card.

    Suspecting a System problem but no idea how to solve it.

  • AsprinAsprin Posts: 271 [Supreme Pioneer]

    You seem to be the only one having this problem.

    It this the only app where things are deleted???

    Have you tried a different GPS app as a test to see if it happens with it????

    Did you check for virus??

    Does TomTomGO have he same problem if installed on the internal memory??
  • Clive1955Clive1955 Posts: 3 [Novice Seeker]
    Many thanks. It does affect the reading of MyTrails offline maps. However in that app can relocate the maps on the SD card and all is well till the phone is restarted..

    CoPilot also does not even want to store maps on SD card.

    Note currently using SD card as portable storage.

    TomTom if I use a small SD card will load into internal storage and be OK.

    However as I said before with the large SD card will load the maps and work without error with maps on the SD card until the phone is restarted.
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