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Please can someone enlighten me? What is the use of a sat nav if the calculated route is not indicated on the screen? In the middle of town I am instructed to turn left in 300 yards, if the route was marked on the screen then perhaps I could see that I simply have to take the 3rd left, how much easier and safer would that be. As for contacting customer service ( I doubt it exists) forget it.
I wish to God I had bought a Garmin at least with that thing you can SEE where your supposed to go.

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    Why TomTom can not simply put their contact telephone number on the website is a mystery. Why they lead their customers round and round in circles following a " contact us" icon until they finally disappear up their own orifice is also a mystery, unless of course they can not be bothered to answer customer complaints and hind behind a wall of web pages.
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    Hi @Tedfred

    Which telephone number do you want them to publish? There is not one number that does all languages, countries and products. Presumably you want to be able to ring someone in the right country who will be able to answer your question in the language you understand and not have to be redirected or told to ring another number..

    Some countries only supply customer support by Chat or Email.

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    Like most commercial companies the links to the various aspects of the Website are a the bottom of the Forum Home Page....

    Scroll to the bottom of this page
    From the Support Menu list
    Click 'Contact us'
    Drill down through the appropriate links
    You will eventually get to....


    There is a logic to to Drilling down through the appropriate links, if you follow the correct menu flow, it takes you to the Support pages and the comprehensive Tomtom FAQ lists where in most cases the answer can be found and problem solved :)
    This in turn reduces the demand on the Support lines and shortens the delay/response times for when only a Phone Call and Email enquiry will resolve the issue....