Weekly Map updates?

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My one month trial of the app before my subscription starts ends in a couple of days. During this 4 week period I have not had one of the advertised weekly map updates. Is this a lie or a temporary problem?

Get customisable maps for countries, regions, and attractions in 150 countries, all updated weekly, for a simpler drive."

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    Thanks @Nashmills01 for asking this question! :)

    Now that you mention it, I'd not seen any weekly updates for a while either.

    I had been waiting for the quarterly updates to see whether a map correction that I submitted via MSR in June 2019 actually got onto the device maps despite being on the MSR master (i.e. online) map for a long time.

    I missed the announcements to say that weekly update shad been cancelled and that the quarterly maps had been delayed, where were the English announcements?