How to install maps onto TOMTOM GO 40, without the menu on the device

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my TomTom go 40 said that it needed connecting to the computer, i did that and updated it. then when starting it up it let me select a language and then went onto the page of choose a country, this is the page i am currently stuck on. i have looked online and it says insert a SD card into the device and format it, as i am not able to get into the menu of my device i have formatted my SD card on my PC and inserted it into the device. then when going back to the app on my computer it doesn't show my SD card in the device, meaning i cannot install the maps onto my device and SD card. sometimes when i do keep pressing the off button on my device, the TomTom app says reading SD card and then goes back to insert SD card.

i have a 16Gb SD card.

Is there anyway of getting around this and downloading the maps from my account onto my PC where i can then put them on the SD card from my computer.

if you have any advice or anyway of helping me fix this problem please do so, much appreciated.


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    @VikramK or @lampard the Forum Moderators should pick this up and maybe allocate a small map to your Account....
    If its an 8GB Device See Catch22...
    If its an 4GB Device I would think the GO 40 would have been supplied with the small local Map like the UK&ROI Map which should still easily fit the memory

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    Hi @Bailey2002

    Welcome to the community!

    A small map of Venezuela has been activated for your device. Remove the memory card and download this map of the internal memory of the device as a back up.

    Now insert the memory card > format it again when prompted on the device > connect it to MyDrive Connect.

    Under My Content, you should see the Europe map offered as an update. Select just this one map and proceed with the installation.