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Last month my annual camera subscription for my Go60 expired and I was told that I now have to pay monthly. The first month was due to expire last night after days and days of warnings every time I turned my TomTom on. So last night I went to renew for another month but saw an offer of £1 for 3 months (which I saw last month but would not work). I bought the special offer, connected my TomTom to MyDrive Connect and I tired to update my TomTom. The cameras were still showing as expired. Then, a few moments ago I get a PayPay receipt for another £3.00 for speed cameras?!?!?!
I've uninstalled and re-installed the cameras earlier too.
Just connected to MyDrive again now which says my devices is up to date but Speed Cameras on the TomTom is still showing as expired.
This is totally crap!


  • rider1rider
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    customer care can help you fix the services and subscriptions on your account. call them tomorrow.
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    I don’t think we should have to pay a monthly subscription. Why can’t we just pay the yearly fee like we used to. How can TomTom justify doing this to their customers
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    Hi @wizardtee

    See my reply to the same question you asked on another post.

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    The cost last year was around £15. Now it's £30. I'll use Waze.