My go 5200 doesn't follow Route Planner

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Yesterday I planned a trip with differents points , using app MyDrive. 4 stops ,105km 2:32H. OOkkk.
Today I switch on my go 5200 , it says there's a trip loaded on my account... all right goooo!
What !!?!?? For my go 5200 the trip loaded is the follow : 4 stops 135km 3:40H !!!!! (30kms and 1:10 h longer)
And everytime is the same story.. I planned everything a day before and the day after it shows me a completely different trip, longer than that I planned day before!!! ( without a reason... there isn't traffic or accidents or working in progress...)
So my question is the follow... Why for God , if I plan a trip , my go 5200 decides by itself to completely change the trip ???
How can I set my go 5200 to completely follow my plan done days before??
Thanks a lot


  • DougLap
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    Hi @jackinc

    Are the Route preferences the same in My Drive as they are on the GO5200. If you send the route to the GO5200 it is as an .itn file and the GO5200 will take note of the Traffic data relevant at the time you make the trip.

    If you save the Route in My Drive and then sync it to your GO5200 My Routes folder the Route is saved as a .GPX file. This when selected will result in the route being followed exactly however it will take no notice of the current Traffic Data. If you miss a turning it will take you back to the where you made the error and also if the road is blocked will continue to try to direct you along it..

  • jackinc
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    thanks Doug. Yes, preferences are the same for my go5200 and mydrive app as well.
    Today when I was driving I didn't follow my go5200 and I continued following the trip I planned yesterday with mydrive app... after a while it reloaded the trip and at the end I arrived at destination 1:10h before the trip that it had suggested to me (I saved almost 30kms) .... there wasn't accident , traffic or problems.... Really strange.... Now I'm trying to setting the same trip with mydrive by pc. Same story. On pc 105km 2:32H . I press button "send to device" , and on my go 5200 (with the same preferences) it shows me a trip 130 kms 3:40H...