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Been using the app today for the first time. Some first feedback

- nicely designed app
- Database with speed cams seems accurate in my region

Improvement points:
- when there’s a red light speed cam and the light turns red, I often get the same voice notification 4x times because I’m standing still / driving slowly in front of the speedcam. Can you limit it to a 1 time announcement and/or give the option to only announce when speeding (instead of only always/never)
- Would be good to have an autostart and autostop functionality of the app based on the iPhone sensors. You’re consuming my battery while I’m not driving. Flitsmeister has a nice auto start/stop
- CarPlay support would be great
- More voice configuration options


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    Hi @GianniC

    Welcome to the Community! I'll log your improvement points as feature requests for our product team.

    Thank you,