Why is TOM TOM software so rubbish...

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Two hours to even start updating new maps on 600, every time I go to use My Drive there is a compulsory software update, that in itself tells a story, unstable software that needs updating constantly... rubbish..
New map to big so clear some space... tick which maps you want to have 3D images on... Done, click continue ...nothing... try again ten times, nothing, format and fit an SD card, card not recognised, turn off unit and try three times before it recognises the card.... rubbish...
Load new Map... not enough space... What... 16GB card fitted... try just installing the 1.5KB update... yes that worked, them go back and try maps... yes.. it started to work.. rubbish.
Connect unit to phone for traffic etc. haha.. unit paired which it has been for a year and worked about twice... Unable to connect to your phone... it says PAIRED... strewth... turn off unit and back on, nothing, try again ahhh. this time it sees the phone bot says Bluetooth hotspot not on... YES IT IS.... ! turn off unit and phone... finally it connects... rubbish..
Go to mobile app, find place going to and send to phone... hhaha... as much chance as maps downloading first time... never did go to phone so enter manually on unit... total rubbish..
Ohhhh... fancy that, it's stopped downloading the new map, our servers are very busy just now, try again... OK, but if you also select the other 60MB update, some new interface rubbish, it will NOT dowload anything... so trying again.. 13mins to go..
The TOM TOM software in all applications is totally unsuitable for purpose, whoever you have updating this needs sacking, however I expect it is the sixteen year old apprentice on a Friday afternoon.. no other excuse is acceptable..
They obviously have a good thing going here, do a half heart'd rubbish update that they know will cause problems so they get asked again and again to do updates, nice little earner and keeps them employed... personally I would sack them if they worked for me and this was the level of their competence..
Over two hours now and still no maps updated, three minutes left of downloading... I think we can all guess the outcome... it would have been quicker to walk to my destination...
Total rubbish software and device, so laggy, never keeps phone connection, traffic seldom works and I have never got the voice recognition to actually do what it is supposed to do... compared to Google it is like a five year olds attempt...

Sort yourselves out, havint to have a forum so big with so mant questions ans fixes says it all... even worse than Microsoft 10...


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    It's very rare I have a problem with MyDrive Connect
    See this post... It may resolve your problems
    See... https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/comment/1669955/#Comment_1669955

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    i borught my tomtom 1 week ago and having the same issue haveing to repair my phone and tomtom and as soon as i use my hands free i lose connection with my tom so i have to pull over and re pair the bluetooth connectiom to my tomtom and my phone i am considering returning it
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    I guess your Phone is an iPhone using iOS 13... I wouldn't return your Phone just yet, I think Apple will eventually fix their Bluetooth stability problems....