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Lifetime Maps?

I am still new to the Premium X and I am still finding my way around.
On my Go Premium X I can see in the menu that I have Lifetime Cameras and Traffic, however I cannot find anywhere a mention of Lifetime maps?

I have been on my drive and it shows my unit with ser Number , under subscriptions its blank.
Is this a glitch or am I missing a menu?nebahik4fh1w.jpg

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  • powerpack36powerpack36 Posts: 22 [Master Explorer]
    "Thanks" I knew that it was world maps and had Lifetime maps and where to find the various countries etc, however I was just interested as to why it shows Speed Cameras and Traffic and not maps.
    I get what you are saying there is no variation to that model (Premium X) they are all Lifetime.
    Thanks anyway it answers the question :)
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