Install TomTom go mobile on sd card!

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TomTom says, device full while my sd card is empty.
How do I get the navigation on the SD card?

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  • Lochfrass
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    Which smartphone model do you have? Which Android version?
  • AndyG1714
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    This happened to me too! I REALLY want to find a way to install TomTom GO on the SD Card!
  • tgold
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    lampard wrote: »
    The Go Mobile/Go Navigation App always select appropriate storage during the first run of the app. Based on most available space left, either it installs on SD card (if inserted) or internal storage.
    Perhaps that should say that the app will always install to internal storage and then, depending on where it finds more free available storage, the app will select the location for its storage of maps and associated files.