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I've just changed my old 5120 to a 6250 and I'm still getting used to some of the differences between the two. My old TomTom used to find faster routes because of traffic etc and then ask me if I would like to take the faster route and all I had to do was say yes and that was it.

My new 6250 shows me that there is a faster route in the route bar with a green icon - but it doesn't ask me if I would like to take it so I have to go through the motions of pressing icons to get it.

My question is - is this right or have I got something incorrectly set on my 6250. I would rather it ask me for a simple yes or no answer like my old device



  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 18,461
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    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> Route planning
    The 1st Section of the Route planning Menu Screen applies when you have already planned a route and you are driving the Route
    On the Live Tomtom Devices 'When a faster route become available' the device will....
    Option... (1) = 'Don't ask me' --> Always take the Fastest route
    Option... (2) = 'Always ask me' --> Before taking the Fastest route
    Option... (3) = 'Don't Ask me at all' -->Stick to the planned Route

    Route planning screen... Section (1)
    The 2nd Section of the Route planning Menu is the default Route planning type for ALL Route planning
    Option... (1) = Fastest route
    Option... (2) = Shortest route
    Option... (3) = Most eco-friendly route
    Etc... Etc...

    Route planning screen... Section (2)
    The earlier Devices required me to enter my Route type every time, but at least 95% of my journeys I would choose the Fastest Route

    The earlier NAV2/3 devices are Menu focused
    Asking all of the questions and button pushing at the start... Then device planned the route

    The Latest NAV4/5 (Wi-Fi) devices are Map Centric (Tomtom Speak)
    The Route planning has the highest priority (95% of the time I want the Fastest Route... Job Done)
    On the odd occasions I want something different, say I want to 'Avoid Motorways'...
    After Planning and Calculating the route
    I Tap the 4Dot (....) Menu --> Current Route --> Change route type... Choose Route Type required 'Like' (Avoid Motorways) the device recalculates the route avoiding Motorways

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    For an Improvement on the later/latest NAV4/5(Wifi) devices, over the default settings try.....
    Use a Computer voice ... Here In the UK either Serena or Malcolm
    Also, Try.....
    From the main screen... Tap (.... Menu) -> Setting -> Sounds & Warnings...
    (1)... Warning Type... Set to... Read Allowed
    (Important... Needs a Computer Voice set in the Voices menu i.e Serena UK)
    (2)... Speed Cameras & Hazards... Set to ON
    (3)... The next 10 Setting ALL set to Always
    (4)... The next 4 Settings ALL set to ON

    There is the Spoken Traffic Alternate Route warning

    4289e5c6-2571-4ed2-b4a4-193a29abfe8a.jpgThere is also the feature Alternate route by steering... You may not have noticed the Green Info Blob on the Route Bar
    It's easy to miss can be hidden behind other Route Bar Icons (Tap on an Icon to expand the Route Bar)

    If you Tap on the Green Blob the Preview screen opens showing the time saved and an overview of the Green Alternate route (May need to pinch Zoom-in for detail)

    When an Alternate route is found, a Green Blob with the time saved appears on the Route Bar (It's really easy to miss)
    Then at xxx yards before the Green Alternate route, the device gives a quick 'Dong' 'Dong' warning (In my opinion far too late to be able to change lanes etc...) at this point you are supposed to steer on to the new Green Route
    If you ignore the Green Route the device will continue along the original route
    If you follow the Green Route the driving instructions will switch to the new Green Route

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    You do not need to tap the screen to select the faster route.
    When you are at the crucial point just follow the green route.
    Then you do not need to type on the display at all

  • Scania1Scania1 Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thank you both very much for such great answers!!! That answers my question nicely and I just need to adjust to the new way the 6250 works. It'll take a while as I've been using my old one for years but I'll sort it. Thanks again
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