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Hi I currently own a via 135 in this device you can input roads for blocking so that the device will not use them when selecting a route, as I am deciding to upgrade the via 135 to a Go camper I wondered if you can block roads in the Go camper the same as the via 135


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    Hi @rcpilot

    No you cannot block specific roads other than in Routing Preferences ie Motorways, Toll Roads, Tunnels etc

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    Ah I think that that is a step backwards, why? a road in the peak district called lodge lane is a terrible road for caravans, it is a steep hill and half way up is a hairpin bend that cannot be negotiated unless you move your outfit over onto the wrong side of the road, something coming the other way and CRASH, try it on the correct side of the road and your car goes round the hairpin but your caravan tries to go over the apex of the bend(thats how sharp it is) and you get stuck, a bad experience if ever I came across one. So looks as though I will be sticking with my via 135
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    Once your route is active you can go to the "Current Route" menu item, select "Avoid Part of Route" and then find the area you want to avoid. But you have to do this each time -- it won't be remembered the next time you route to the same destination.