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My old TomTom can no longer be updated and has started to be a bit temperamental. I am considering buying a new Premium or PremiumX device, but would like to know the cost and frequency of necessary updates. Can anyone help?


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    Hi @yorkygirl


    The device comes with what is known as Lifetime Maps, Traffic and Camera Updates ie at no cost to you. It also includes a Mobile Sim which connects the device to the TT servers and downloads the traffic data regularly, again at no additional cost to you. You should note that this Traffic facility will only operate in the region within which the device is purchased. You can, if and when you think it is necessary, purchase Speed Camera data for the rest of the world so that it will warn you about cameras for the Map you are currently using.

    The device also comes with World maps which means that whilst your device will come with the Full European Map on it if bought with in the UK you can add any of the other Maps Tomtom provide such as USA, Australia,, Venezuela, Iraq etc etc all included the original cost of the device. All the maps are currently updated approximately every 3 months and the cameras updates are almost weekly. If you wish to Add the USA map you will need to install a Micro SD Class 10 memory card either 16Gb or maximum 32Gb as the European and USA maps combined are too big for the internal memory.

    You will also get any Operating System updates that are issued.

    One piece of advice when you get the unit is to do any updates offered one at a time with an Operating Software being the first you do if offered. Also when you have completed the update download a small map such as Venezuela or Iraq to the unit and leave it lying there on the internal memory. Should you have a problem during the update of say the European map and as a result lose it the small map will ensure you can start the unit normally and just reload the lost map.

    The Device is designed to not require the use of a PC for updating or adding any new items. However if you do not have a good download speed on your Wifi or no wifi then you can connect it to a PC which has an Internet connection and then use the Menu Option on the device to manage what you are doing.