Why can’t I use Siri Shortcuts with favourites, like I can with Waze?

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So why not? I can use Siri to open TomTom but not with any favourites. I can do with this Waze though? All my favourites have Siri Shortcuts make it much easier to use.
Of Waze can do it, why not TomTom?


  • lampard
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    Hi @smudger64

    Currently, the Go Navigation App is not compatible with Siri shortcuts. I'll log this as a feature request for our product team.

    Thanks, lampard
  • j2wright
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    The usefulness of Siri implementation within Tom Tom Go is rapidly moving from nice-to-have toward essential functionality as greater enforcement of the hands-free rules is mandated. A complete menu of destination selection and option selection (i.e., "Select Faster Route") is needed in order to avoid driving distractions and potential penalties.
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