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Map not updating on TT Pro 6200

As above map not updating from v1015.

My unit is a replacement unit due to my old one not turning on. I spoke with support regarding not getting live traffic and that was sorted. But since 2 weeks ago i thought the map should be more up to date. Upon checking it was listed as v1015 which i believe is Aug 2018. I have tried to update it but to no avail as it just says its up to date. Speaking with TT support today before the helpline closed and he said to manually add a map which i dont feel confident is the right one due to it being a Truck specific unit.

So i tried to do a reset which was fine but now cannot sign back into my drive. So tried on the PC and it says my account has been locked.

All this is when i get the rare chance to be home to update my TRUCK sat nav to help me on my route as you can imagine i have little spare time to get this sorted.

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  • TruckerJoeUKTruckerJoeUK Posts: 10 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Right ive just managed to sign in on my device and on TT website. After looking at the details of my listed device it says: Trucker POI Current Ver V2 Outdated Renew now...

    I click below and it says about buying a map. But my device is lifetime maps.

    Would it be a issue on my account that when my device was replaced the map and account got mixed up and is no longer allowing me to update???

    Just a thought
  • TruckerJoeUKTruckerJoeUK Posts: 10 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Will give em another go tomorrow. Cheers.
  • TruckerJoeUKTruckerJoeUK Posts: 10 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Hi all back again.

    Since there is a background story above to my situation i have since called them up and have had my unit updated to the latest map v1040. All good but.....

    While looking at my account devices on the TomTom website i noticed that it was showing Renew Map against my 6200 but against my Start 20 I use for the car it was showing as Active and Up to Date.

    So my concern would be when another map is released I would have to go through all this again with them to get my 6200 updated instead of it auto updating over Wifi as my now old unit that got replaced used to. It has only come to this since swapping for a refurbished (I guess) unit.

    I have attached 2 photos to show my account screen with said 2 devices and the deference.

    Hope this all makes sense ans its confusing me a little still




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