Rider 500 and tomtom trafic services

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I do find this question a lot of times, but exept for a link to the instruction video, I did not see any solution? Can someone explain me the problem or work-around.

I do have a Rider 500, Iphone 7 (IOS 13, with MyDrive started and connected) and Scala Headset. They are well connected one to the other, instructions are passing. Everything is working exept that the trafic info is not shown on the tomtom, even when I do use the I-phone as hotpoint for the internet.

What can be the problem?

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    Apple changed and broken BT in IOS13. So a BT connection is not an option on your Rider until TomTom finds a way to resolve the Apple bug.

    To get traffic services remove your BT connection to the iPhone in the Rider an iPhone.
    Setup a Wifi Hotspot on your iPhone,
    Change the WiFi settings on your Rider to connect with this Wifi Hotspot.

    After this traffic services will work.
    Caution do not update your Rider using this Wifi Hotspot this can consume a lot of GB's data.
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    I tried that one: no BT beetween TT and I-phone, install hotspot and connect to it. Everything works, except... trafic services. TT sais it cannot connect, but it can even do an update (meaning wifi is working)...
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    Recently, I do think to have found the solution.
    First just as RoadRider mentiones,; no bluetooth between TomTom and I-Phone, but then, in the correct sequence (and sequence is the keyword, because acting in another one does not make it work).
    1. Setup hotpoint possibilities on I-phone available
    2. Power-up the TomTom device
    3. Plan your traject

    Ans already 2 times out of 2 I had trafic information for the complete road.