"Connection Error" when starting MyDrive App on iOS with successful Bluetooth

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I am unable to use Live Services on my TomTom 1535M via Bluetooth to an iPad and the MyDrive app.

I can successfully pair the 1535M to the iPad. The 1535M shows the iPad as a successful connection, and the iPad also shows the 1535M as a successful connection. They appear to stay connected without issue.

However, when starting the TomTom MyDrive app, a screen appears which says "One Moment Please," then "Connection Error - Please Try Again". I am unable to proceed further, or use any of the Live services on the 1535M. I am logged in to the MyDrive connect app with my TomTom account..

I have tried resetting the 1535M, uninstalling / reinstalling the MyDrive app, and "forgetting" all Bluetooth connections on both devices and trying again. But I am unable to get past the "Connection Error" message.

I am using an iPad Pro MLMV2LL/A running iOS 13.3, and TomTom MyDrive app version 2.10.1.

Is there someway around this block?


  • AllNight
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    I tried contacting Support. They inform me that the TomTom 1535M is not compatible with the MyDrive app.

    (So why is there even a BlueTooth option in the 1535M? Why doesn't the MyDrive app return a message that the device is not supported?)

    Very frustrating!
  • VikramK
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    The Bluetooth feature provided on your GO LIVE 1535 is for the purpose of hands-free calling. MyDrive app is not compatible with this model.

    Please see the user guide here

    Vikram :)