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I still have a tom tom go 720 which I used with satisfaction. This tom tom go 720 was discontinued and so I bought a premium go x. I'm not happy with this one: it sends me on incredible lanes where a light car can barely fit. I have done all the updates, and have tried to choose: the fastest way, the greenest way. I never chose the shortest path, or unpaved roads.
I can not trust because the trips get more unpleasant and time-consuming.
It also does not allow you to change to distinguish with different audible warnings, for example between speeding and warning of a mobile or fixed radar. The beeper is the same for everything.
In the previous one I could choose the audible warnings including recorded with my voice.
Am i wrong? I appreciate your help.
José Rêgo

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    Thanks a lot for the help. My TT go premium x is using the options you indicated. I bought it with the European map installed. I exchanged it for the Iberian map. Will this exchange have any influence?
    It often sends me on tight roads where I get tired and lose time. I use the following options:
    fastest route; avoid unpaved roads and avoid tolls.
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    Maps accuracy are the same.