Android App upgrade got me map downgrade

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When I choose to upgrade the app to latest version with new features and all I was prompted that new maps had to be downloaded because if this. I've chosen them and after that I saw that I got map downgrade. The same map version that got me problems while driving in south Serbia. The funny thing that last week I did the map update on old app version after which I finnaly got the latest map version, now after upgrading the app I got map downgrade. Now again I have different version of the map on mydrive tomtom web site when compared with my mobile device which means that I can never be sure that routes that I creat on website will mach the map on my mobile device. What happend here?


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    Hi @denisturalic ,

    Welcome to our forum! What you're writing can be true, unfortunately. The quarterly map update for the GO Navigation app is running a bit behind the classic maps this time. The team is working on making the update available. Once the update is offered you should see the same improvements to the map data.

    Apologies for the inconvenience!