New version 2.1.1

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We have started the phased rollout of version 2.1.1. A phased rollout in the App Store means that the app will become available to 100% of users over the period of one week.

What new:
  • This version adds a mute button in CarPlay.


  • Clint989
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    Wow! TomTom must be very proud. A mute button you say? What wonders can we expect in the next update 6 months from now?
  • smudger64
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    Hey, did they actually say a mute button? In Apple Car play?


    We are truly living in wonderful times my friends
  • PrivateerUK
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    Hi @Clint989 and @smudger64,
    Clint989 wrote: »
    What wonders can we expect in the next update 6 months from now?

    In little over two weeks, TomTom has pushed the boat out to beat your 6 months time limit and released another version.

    If you were impressed with version 2.1.1 then get ready for the news about version 2.1.2.

    Yes, TomTom has released a whole new version just to add the 12 months subscription plan, which I'm pretty sure was in 1.x and removed from the earlier 2.x versions.