Maps not working after updating

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Hi ladies/gentleman,

I've got a problem with my XXL device. I've got Benelux and United States maps and I need the United States map very soon. I wanted to see if there are any updates and connected to TOMTOM Home. I was checking for updates. Not even sure if I did any updates. But now the device is telling me (on both maps) "Problem with map, you cannot use this map on this device: United_States-101988".

Could you help me out to fix this, please? I read that other people had the same problem and they were told to delete the maps and reinstall them. But I got the device second hand and I'm not sure how to get the maps again. Obviously I don't want to pay for them because they were on the device and were working fine before I connected to TOMTOM Home.

Please let me know! Thank you.