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Hi, How do I connect my GO Essential to my TOM TOM Account. If I click the 'Add Device' link on my account 'My Products page' I'm directed to a page that tells me how my device works. No info on how to connect it to my products

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  • DougLap
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    Hi @Cool-Wool

    If you have set your device up and associated it with your account during that set up so that if you go to Settings/My drive when the device is connected to the Wifi do you see the option to stop Syncing bottom right. If so this shows the device is associated with your account.

    If you then open My Drive Connect on your PC with the GO Essential NOT connected do you see the device listed. If you do and click on it you will not be able to do any management.

  • Cool-Wool
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    Hi Doug
    OK for point 1. I do see 'Stop Syncing'
    For point 2, when I launch MyDrive Connect on PC, without device attached, I get a 'Welcome' screen with an 'Add a Device' button. When I follow the instruction to connect my device and switch it on, all I get is a screen with a 'Update the Easy Way' message telling me I don't need a computer.
    But what if I what to update via computer ?