Via 1525TM -screen colors very washed out when viewing straight on

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I just received a TomTom Via 1525TM in the mail from Amazon. I installed the program using Windows and find the screen colors very washed out when viewing straight on like normal. If the device is tipped away from me at 45 to 60 degrees then the colors look rich like what I saw in a store display. Are the rich colors only on the display devices or should I expect the same quality on one I purchase? Please advise as to what action I can take. Also the screen size is less than what we had imagined. If a replacement is possible, I would pay for an upgrade in screen size. Thanks for your consideration in helping me with this.


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    The demo units would have the same screen intensity as purchased ones. Yes, tilting the screen somewhat does help for some. Or a dash mount.

    In fact some prefer vent mounts for their devices. Check here for options.

    Also note, for the M model with the combo traffic receiver, you want the 'egg' part of the cord to lay on the dash if possible.

    Further, traffic is restricted to certain cities. See here:
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    In playing with display brightness settings, I find that whether the brightness is set at 100% or 10%, the display brightness remains the same. This leads me to think there is a glitch in this particular unit. Would you agree?
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    According to the specifications...
    The Via 1525 screen is a Resistive screen
    The GO Models have a Capacitive screen (like a Smart-Phone)
    I have my GO devices Dashboard mounted and the top of the device tipped away from me about 10 degrees (To stop reflections) I do not have a problem with contrast
    Don't forget you are sitting lower in the car and looking up at the device

    In the UK its the the Start Range has the Resistive screen screen (I have a Start 60)
    I prefer Capacitive screen of the GO Models its much easer to use typing & swiping through the menus