GO Professional 6250-Rest areas not displayed on the map or the route bar

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Until now I had had the 6100 and now I have the 6250 professional and now many of the rest areas and gas stations do not appear on the map or in the route bar, when all of them appeared with the 6100. It is a problem for bus drivers because it helps us a lot to organize stops with travelers

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    Are you running the latest NavKit Update ???

    Using Search to find Built-in 'Rest Area' POIs....
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Search
    Tap the whole Map Icon (Screen top right)
    Select along the route
    Type 'Rest area'
    Tap on the offered Rest Area (Top of the list screen right)
    Tap on the Keyboard Icon screen bottom right
    A list of the Rest Areas along your route is displayed
    You also have two further options.....
    After the initial 'Rest Areas' POI selection
    There's a dual Icon (screen bottom right) with Three Lines and Two circles

    (1)..... Tap the three Lines Icon (bottom right screen) and a list will appear of the Rest Areas along your route in distance order
    (2)...... Tap the Two circle Icon for the 'Rest Areas' along your route to appear on the screen (Pinch zoom for detail)

    Tap on a Rest Area Icon for more Info....