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Hello guys, I live in Norway, have you heard about the concept of making a road forbidden to drive through? In Norway it is very common. Is it possible to make Tomtom aware about such a road?

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    Have you submitted reports using
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    First time visit to the MapShare facility and then on to this forum. My issue is similar to that of Iwalker of Norway. My village, South of France, is routable on TomTom for vehicle travel. Unfortunately, many streets are impassable for vehicles as too narrow or the presence of steps and stairways or designated pedestrian only areas!!! Every visitor to our house using TomToms immediately state on arrival that they were routed through the market or down a staircase! Now when I attempt to use Mapshare for corrections I find when I highlight a street it highlights multiple sections of which only ONE part is restricted and the other parts are available to traffic. Now if I route a journey using Google Maps it is accurately aware of my village's restrictions so it can be done. However, it appears that I will have to mark up a copy of the TomTom map by hand and submit it as a file attachment. For now I have to tell ALL visitors NOT to use TomTom for routing. Sad