START 25 - Sudden Death while updating?

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Hey everyone,

Really need some help with my START 25 that has died on me.

I plugged it in a couple of days ago to update to the 1040 maps just released via MDC - this device has lifetime updates. Sure enough, once connected - it showed three updates, the NZ map, the AU map and I think the quick GPSFix.

But, before I could select and start the update, the update automatically started, then failed midway (stating the device had disconnected - it clearly had not - selective USB is disabled) and the START 25 went blank.

That's it. It has been blank since. No matter how long I hold the power button, no drumroll. I have also charged it for many hours and then tried the press and hold the power button for up to two minutes but nothing.

Just an extra bit of info - immediately before plugging in the START 25, I was updating a START 60 that my partner uses which was acting up somewhat. So I am suspecting that a cache stored update for that device was forced onto this one? Sounds wrong but who knows.

What I do know is that the START 25 won't start anymore. I have waited a couple of days but still no signs of life.

Ideas, guys? This is a trusty device in our second car and I do want to bring it back to life.

Thanks so much in advance for your help :-)



  • VikramK
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    Hi @san_pan

    If you have charged the device for more than 2hours and performed a soft reset already then there is not much we can recommend.

    I would suggest that you report this to customer service.

  • John-Jay
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    Hi, @san_pan ,

    Welcome to the Forum!

    NZ Customer Services can be contacted on:-

    New Zealand
    Monday-Friday: 11:00-19:30 NZST

  • san_pan
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    Thanks, Vikram and John.

    I have just emailed support and hopefully will hear back from them, soon.

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    It seems that the last two updates, 7/19, v1035 and 10/19, v1040, are very bad, they are not from Tom Tom they must have bought them in a bazaar of the Chinese, surely they have changed map providers and they have gone to one much cheaper and bad, because the last good update was the v1030 of 4/19, from there it has changed to worse, tom tom dies and is doing barbarities, pity

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  • Ritzy
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    I also have a TOMTOM START 25 tried resetting it and doing all the above it wont update and now it wont turn on. I think I may have been scammed , i was talking to a GPS website and they took control of my TomTom and tried to tell me it would cost 69 for 3 year , told them cant afford that and now get nothing << no idea what to do now >> is it true one needs to pay for updating there TomTom 25 gps >> ???
  • dhn
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    What site did you connect to that you would allow access to your computer & device??

    Have you tried holding the power button about 20 seconds till you hear the drum sounds? Is the battery fully charged?