Spoken Route Guidance Has Stopped

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I have a GO 6200 Wi-Fi. I used it today for the first time in several weeks and found that although the visual route information still works, the spoken route guidance at turnings, roundabouts etc has gone silent. At the start of the route the time of arrival is announced but after that it's complete silence.

I've been through all the settings trying to find one that I might have inadvertently changed but found nothing useful. Is there some secret setting to turn the voice back on?

Do I need to do some reset procedure? Or is there some other simple (or complex) way to sort this problem.


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  • Wyddffa
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    Thanks for the reply Doug. It was an own goal, or at least an own answer to my question. I finally did find the voice icon bottom right that I'd obviously pressed accidentally and turned off voice guidance . . . . . . :)
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    Hi @Wyddffa

    Glad you are sorted. It happens, particularly pressing Menu too long and so accidentally turning Off the speaker icon bottom left.