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More weird route planning

BrianEBrianE Posts: 545 [Exalted Navigator]
My TomTom Go Camper, set to heavy camper to avoid single track roads (hopefully) planned a much slower route through Kidderminster today, for no obvious reason. I'll have to check if it does it again next time I am over that way. I normally follow the light blue route shown in the image I have uploaded, but today, my TomTom decided that the route I have marked with the arrows would be better. Very strange.81fth3agbgva.png


  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,442
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    Silverwoods Way... At the start of you preferred route can be stationary (in Both directions) at peak times :/

  • Lost_SoulLost_Soul Posts: 243 [Exalted Navigator]
    Hi @BrianE

    Since the arrival of the map release v10.35 I have noticed some very strange routes being offered on both my Go Camper and the Go 6250. TT obviously have some work to do on these maps .

    I had also noticed that the Go Camper is avoiding areas covered by the Safer Lorry Scheme (SLS) that came into force in London on 1 September 2015 and seems to be treating our Motorhomes as Lorries (I do not believe Motorhomes are covered by this scheme).

    I too have been subject to unexpected routes; a few weeks ago I was driving up to a village called Haynes (Bedford). I had been there once before and expected a journey of ~32 miles / 44 minutes, but from memory the 10.35 map offering was 12 miles longer. (I then changed my Vehicle setting back to a car to get a sensible route.)

    And another example plotting a route exiting a local village (Bricket Wood) to get petrol in Chiswell Green rather than just going around a "longabout" (an extended roundabout) and then straight up the A405 which would take 4 mins / 1.75 miles, the 10.35 map offering is to join the M1 at J6 southbound go down to J5 exit go round the roundabout and "return on the M1" back to J6, exiting to then join the A405 at the very same longabout it obviously has an issue with (albeit some 10 yards on the opposite carriageway) = 7 miles or 12 minutes................. :'(

    Whilst I can ignore these "local" deviations driving in unknown locations I felt I was often going around in complete circles and could not trust the device.

    Tomtom announced yesterday:

    On Tuesday 26th November 2019 we have released maps v10.40

    Due to issues found in the previous map v10.35 (Truck Best Route Not offered) this map release is split into two releases: v10.40 and v10.41 (Truck and Camper).

    • All maps for Car, Motorcycle, Automotive will be released on the 26th of November. The version will be v10.40.

    Around 2 weeks later (tentative) we will release maps v 10.41 for Truck and Camper map. This map version will include fixes for routing.

    Maps for GO Mobile apps will be released, on the 3rd of December(tentative). The version will be 10.40.

    Thanks and drive safe,

    I do hope the V10.41 maps will cure these issues as currently the v10.35 map is rendering my Truck/Camper devices almost unusable…………………… :s
  • BrianEBrianE Posts: 545 [Exalted Navigator]
    YamFazMan wrote: »

    Silverwoods Way... At the start of you preferred route can be stationary (in Both directions) at peak times :/


    I've never encountered problems along Silverwoods Way in the middle of the day, which is usually when I travel along there (but conversely, there are often traffic jams along Stourport Rd heading into Kidderminster town centre), so I doubt if that was the issue. Also, I've just tried inputting the same start and destination locations on my device and it's planned exactly the same route along the ringway. At 8.20PM I really doubt that it's a traffic issue.
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    For some time, the navi gives me strange and totally nonsensical routes and stretch. Are completely useless am very disappointed was better used tom tom

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