Australian Topo or offroad maps

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Hi, Ive been using my waterproof mobile phone with Australian Topo maps - this has issues with dust on screen acting like ghost fingers plus the charge cable doesnt like relentless rough roads etc. So I purchased a TTRider550. The majority of my riding is offroad so Im wanting a Topo type map for the 550, is this possible??


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    Sorry the TomTom Rider is a on road only navigation.
    TomTom does not have Off-road maps.

    You can try two options;
    • Set your Rider 550 on walking on Walking route or Bicycle route. This way many small roads become accessible.
    • With my program GPXTrack2OV2 you can convert a GPX track in a POI overlay. I created this program to see if I am still on the original track. It doesn't add extra trackpoints. If you like to add trackpints you can use GPSbabel on the command-line (gpsbabel -i gpx -f d:\track.gpx -x interpolate,distance=0.01k -o gpx -F d:\newtrack.gpx). But the Rider doesn't show all POI's. To show most POI's use maximum zoom.