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I purchased this GPS about a month ago. I used it around town just to get used to it. If I had listened to it's directions I would have been 50 miles from my location. This thing can't find it's way out of a paper bag. Wish I had my money back. I needed the GPS to find my way around Denver, ended up using my Smart Phone instead. What a waste of money. What is up with this model?

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    Thank You Vikram, I will try this.
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    Same Problem With GO 52 Smart, Post Code SY109PB UK ENGLAND GIVE ABOUT 8 to 10 Locations to Choose including London & Belfast Shropshire was where I wanted to be AND I DID THE LATEST UPDATE What’s going on, used this Sat Nav 6 times at the Most Ended up using a Very Very Old Garmin nuri That has never been updated Took me Straight there. 83 miles Same as Google Maps
    Not happy me Far from Customer Service told me how to install A Map that didn’t down load “error Wish that was the Problem But it has downloaded as did the time before “ NO ERRORS
    Want a Tomtom that knows Where it’s going
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    Hi @Algy193-

    What map have you got on the unit. Both my GO5200 and GO Camper with the current Europe maps find Kingsfisher Way it precisely. It does not offer any other suggestions

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    Welcome to the site....
    Are you sure the device is called GO 52 Smart ???
    Or is the device called a Start 52
    If the device is called a Start 52 it only has the Step by Step search engine
    If I switch My Go Premium to the Step by Step search engine it generates a long list as in your post....

    BUT... SY109PB is at the top of the list
    If the device is from one of the NAV4 or NAV5 (Wi-Fi) GO Ranges....
    The device has 2 search engines Quick search (The Best) & Step by Step search....

    If your SatNav is a GO Device ???
    To see the which search engine is active....
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) → Setting → System → Choose a Search Mode

    Using the Quick Search option it finds Kingfisher Way OK