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TomTom keeps switching off stating.....

My tomtom keeps switching off stating...... "Battery empty going to sleep". I have done a reset, and during this operation battery is stated as 100%. I have also used new charging leads.
On top of this I cannot find a contact phone number to return for repair.

Can you help please
I am in the Netherlands

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  • bigbig Posts: 1,642
    Are you using the original TomTom supplied charger and not a USB port in your car? Most USB ports and many other chargers cannot provide enough power for the TomTom.

    Also be sure the cradle is in good contact with the satnav and the USB lead is firmly inserted into the cradle.

    If you have ruled out everything else then it is possible your battery needs replacement. If the unit is under warranty TomTom will do this. If the unit is no longer under warranty it is a lot less expensive to do yourself, though it requires a little (but not too much) skill.

    Netherlands support number, I think, is 020 850 1022 or you can send email message from support page.
  • IanbarlowIanbarlow Posts: 31 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Thanks for your answer. I have check all what you said, even bought a new cradle with usb charger. It worked for a bit then it switched off again. I got hold of support they want over €100 to look at it🤢
  • IanbarlowIanbarlow Posts: 31 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Where can I buy a new battery for this Tomtom 5100
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,996
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    Hi @ianbarlow.

    Usually if you type the Tomtom model and Battery in Amazon or Ebay you get a result. Probably useful if you can get the battery that comes with a small tool kit.

    Same if you do it in Youtube you will find videos to help you.

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