Go 5100 vs 5200: processing live-traffic faster?

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Have the Go 5100 but processing the traffic data is very slow. When starting my trip to work in the morning it takes a short while for the 'no traffic data' symbol to dissapear, but then it can take 5 minutes before it shows the traffic jams, and by that time I already passed some junctions where I could have changed to a better route. So, there are some good offers for the Go 5200 at the moment. Is the Go 5200 faster than the Go 5100 in processing traffic data?

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    Thanks YamFazMan!
    So my problem is probably the lack of working memory, its indicated to be only 10 MB. Have a 16GB memorycard in the Go 5100, but can't move the map to that card to get more working memory, it seems to only allow using the memory card if working memory is not sufficient! Great! So I installed a smaller map, will see if processing speed improves.
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    Re... Catch22... https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/comment/1680151/#Comment_1680151

    As in the above link, The device needs at least one Map installed to boot-up
    The GO 5100 has World Maps, if your willing to move small Maps around acting as a 'Keeper' (To keep the device running)
    Something like... install small Map on Memory card --> Delete the Map of Main Memory --> Install a different small Map into Main memory (Leave as a 'Keeper') Delete or keep the small Map on the Memory card --> Install the Full Europe onto the Memory card

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    Thanks YFM, will try this when back home.
    It seemed that 'Mydrive Connect' is less flexible than 'Home' for this moving around maps.