How to get proper support concerning maps

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Is there a way to get proper support for maps and map errors? The TomTom data for my town is completely out of data. This despite the fact that all traffic sign info is available in a database by the regional government.
I raised an issue for this and after a week I got a standard copy/paste answer, which had nothing to do with my actual questions. I pointed this out and repeated my question again and got no reply since then.
I guess it's in everybody's interest to have correct map data, by TT doesn't seem to care nor wanting to help people wanting to help to get this correct.
Any suggestions/contacts (for Flanders/Belgium) in order to get a proper solution for the issues?


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    Have you submitted reports using MapShare?
  • eddydc
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    I did.
    Meanwhile there was some response, but it is proving to be a laborious process.