Go Professional 6250 app won't send to device

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Hi all,

I've recently purchased the TomTom Go Professional 6250.
After initial setup I could send the planned route to the satnav from my phone's app however after only using it once this feature has stopped working.

I've updated the satnav in case it's software related but still the issue persists.

My phone is android (Huawei P20 Pro).

I've also checked to make sure the satnav is synced with my my drive account and both devices are connected and synced.

Hope you can help.


  • VikramK
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    Hi MariTony

    Welcome to the community!

    The MyDrive Android app does not allow you to sent the routes. You can plan a route and check the traffic along with the arrival times.

    But the app allows you to send destination and favorites to your TomTom device.

    So just to be clear, are you referring to the sending routes or destinations?

  • SirSatNavelot
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    My 6200 has done this a couple of times.

    The fix:
    Factory reset TomTom, delete phone app and start again - then it's fixed.

    For me, it's usually after a software update when it decides it won't let me Send To TomTom anymore. I won't be updating my TomTom again if I can help it.

    I have updated it then gone all week having to lean over the truck dash to input addresses because I haven't got time to find a fix, then sort it during the week. Very annoying!