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Why Have TomTom put a block on Voice Control on the Go 6100?

I might be simple but I can't understand why, because some boffin within TomTom's programming department has chosen to call it English (United Kingdom) on the 6100 and English (British) on others, the Go 6100 cannot be voice controlled! I thought safety was supposed to be a priority for developers. Does anybody, including TomTom senior staff, have a solution or even valid reason for this basic error please?

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  • NiallNiall Posts: 10,881

    Are you using either voice "Serena" or "Malcolm"? As these are the only voices that can be used for English voice control
  • peebee59peebee59 Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
    Thanks Guys
    Why I had to ask on this forum rather than TomTom making this much clearer I don't know, but so be it.

    I've downloaded Serena as Malcolm is not given as an option on My Downloads.

    Unfortunately the machine recognised only 1 of 20 or so addresses in the UK I tried to input, giving wildly different answers to literally ALL of the others to what I was asking for, no matter how casually and "normally" I spoke, but at least it now works and can be used for some more basic commands, if not actual directions. Thank you both for your very quick responses and help!!
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