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Is it better to report on the Slack channel or here? Anyway, as reported there:

Unlike the Speed Cameras app this is replacing, when there is a notification of, say, a speed camera being approached (in overlay mode), the overlay is NOT switched to the foreground. This means the overay isn't made visible over another app (which is also using an overlay).

I have a screen saver that does this. The old app behaviour was ideal - even with a dark overlay over the screen, the Speed Cameras app would pop up a warning from the bottom of the screen nonetheless. Now it does nothing. So the request is to either:

a) fix/restore the overlay behaviour so it works as in the Speed Cameras app, or
b) when AmiGo has 'something to notify', create a standard Anrdoid notification for it (or change the existing notification) for the duration of the event, so the screen saver can see it and react accordingly


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    Thanks for your feedback! On Slack you're probably a bit closer to the AmiGO team but any feedback provided here on the forum and also in Play Store reviews reaches the team. :)