No Drive icon on display

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I have app on iPad mini(2?) and it's up to date according to AppStore (version 2.1). Subscription is valid until Oct 29 2020.

When I start the app and enter a destination, I don't get Drive icon amd can't get route to the dest. I have maps Finland, US Florida and Georgia installed.

If I purge the app and reinstall, do I lose the subscription?

Can I install the app on my iPhone and retain the subscription? If yes, can I use the app together with gps recorder (MyTracks),? I need GPS for correlating my photos.


  • lampard
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    Hi @IlkkaK

    Welcome to the Community! I've not seen any such report so far but can you try reinstalling the app and see if it helps? You'll not lose your subscription, just log in with the same email address on the app after reinstallation.

    You can also install the app on your iPhone and retain the subscription using the same email address to login which you used on iPad mini.

    I'm not sure about the GPS recorder (MyTracks) but perhaps other users here can weigh in on this topic.

    Regards, lampard
  • IlkkaK
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    Thank you lampard, reinstallation works fine. Maybe just upgrades and updates for 6 years, and the system stalls.

    I'll test drive iPhone next weekend. We'll see.