What is going on w/the latest 'Critical Updates'?? The image LOCKS

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I have a Tom Tom "START" which I prefer over my 2017 Subaru "Outback's" GPS.
Usually I do a weekly s/w update. This time I was taken to a Critical Update then taken to 'Updates' & then "Checking for updates for your navigation system...."
The 'New critical update available' goes NOWHERE, and stays locked, unless removed by the "Control, Alt, Delete" routine.
What's going on???


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    Here are two Options you may want to try...

    notboris wrote: »
    Right I have finally cracked it and I am running and able to access version

    I will now explain what I actually did, its easy really, you will kick yourselves. It is not the fix YamFazMan suggested but because of YamFazMan's input it led me to finding the fix, so big thanks for that YamFazMan.

    Right, after my two attempts to fix the problem as outlined in my 6.02pm post. I was at the point where I had installed on my PC TomTom version which if you attempted to run it, it insists you update to version but just aborts on a loop. Now that installed version was sporting the earlier doctored application.ini file to Version so that alteration to the application.ini file altered nothing.

    The above is just to show you how I got to where I am now.

    I had my TomTom in its updating cradle connected to the PC.
    I fired up TomTom Home clicked on the "critical update" link and as soon as I saw the file download had finished, I closed the program via "Task Manager"
    I then uninstalled TomTomHome ......so version was no more.
    I opened the download folder and clicked on version

    And thats it, it installed and updated my satnav which is now sporting the latest "mapshares" and the latest "Quick GPfix" version. 1566978324

    Option... (2)
    This works for me....
    I can install all of the updates that Tomtom allow for my EoL NAV2 Start device....
    Note... Using this option you will be running a modified version 2_9_91_411 that doesn't call for the latest problematic update to be installed
    YamFazMan wrote: »
    Modify Tomtom Home to use older version of tomtom Home... (Mabe usefull for End of Life TomtomDevices with No further map or other updates)

    (1)… Uninstall TomTom Home
    (2)… Download last "good" version 2_9_91_411 from.... http://download.tomtom.com/sweet/application/releases/v2_9_91_411_win.exe

    (3)… Install it without running....
    ie, un-check the 'Run Home' tick box when installation completes

    (4)... Using Windows Explorer, navigate to
    C:\Program Files\TomTom HOME 2\xul (32 bit Windows)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\TomTom HOME 2\xul (64 bit Windows)
    and find application.ini file
    (5)… Edit application.ini file (you might need admin privileges) and modify "Version=" to "Version="
    (6)… Run TomTom Home. It will believe to be running latest version and therefore not pull the update

    Also see... VikramK (Site Moderator's) Post.... Read down to my reply....
    Here... https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/comment/1679025/#Comment_1679025

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    I wish to thank @notboris. I have stuff going on but I'll certain try this/these options...