Known issues

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  • Crash from the lock screen
    We’re looking into this issue and trying fix.
  • Android 10, app does not auto-start
    Were looking into this issue and trying to fix it asap.
Overlay issues
  • Overlay not working on Xiaomi /Huawei/ Oppo devices
    This is because of battery saving mode - Check that your battery saving mode is turned off, for both the app and the phone as a whole.
  • Android 10 issue of overlay mode not working - Check if your location permissions are set to always on
Speed limits not correct
At TomTom we’re continuously working on updating our speed limit database, and rolling out regular map updates, so we hope your issues are resolved soon.

Map Matching issues
Sometimes when you have a route planned, the chevron continues past the corner and then suddenly jumps to the right place. We are expecting improvements beginning of December.

Search issues
At the moment search is not great, however recent searches should come in January or February and Favorites should come from January to March.

Sound issues
Normally in android you have 4 audio channels: media, alarm, ringtone & calls audio. AmiGO volume should be coming from the media channel but we’re seeing that some devices are getting their audio from the ringtone channel. We’re investigating this bug with hopefully a fix for it soon. If volume is too low, make sure that you put the app volume and their system volume on high.