My Drive connection issue With iOS 13

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I have a TomTom Go 520 sat nav that I’ve used for a year or so. There is an app by TomTom call MyDrive on the App Store that allows you to connect your TomTom and your iPhone in order to allow a Bluetooth connection for calls, data (for traffic on the TomTom) and your messages (so that notifications come through on the TomTom).

Originally I had an iPhone 7 Plus and I’ve recently upgraded to an iPhone 11.

Additional information for anyone that doesn’t have a TomTom; when they connect it first connects via Bluetooth (ordinarily, through the Bluetooth menu in settings) and this allows the calls to be taken on the TomTom device. Then you have to open the MyDrive app to allow a second Bluetooth connection which is for the data for traffic and for messages. It seems to work with most messaging platforms (iMessage, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger are the ones I know for definite that work).

When I tried the iOS 13 beta in my iPhone 7 Plus it ruined the connection for me and the app just wouldn’t connect. I then downgraded and reset both and it seemed to continue to work fine. I then changed to an iPhone 11 and since the connection has been buggy for me. I have tried resetting both, re-connecting them as new devices to one another, turning them off and on again, etc. The usual tech fixes. I just can’t seem to get them to work.

They will connect to one another, but after a few minutes they drop connection via the second Bluetooth channel - so calls still work and stay connected but data and messages won’t.

Does anyone know of a fix? I know that the (I think) iOS 13.1 update was supposed to fix Bluetooth connectivity issues, but I’m still have this issue. I’ve updated both and have also contacted TomTom directly, but I can’t find an answer to this anywhere.

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