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Rider 550 & iPhone XS Bluetooth Connectivity Problem



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    This article explains why Apple increased security on Bluetooth in IOS 13 and what Tomtom will need to do, to be able to communicate with it now (just like everyone else has managed to do)
    Basically their app needs to be modified to to ask permission to communicate first

    It aint complicated really - its just progress

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    @DougLap , @Gettingfedupnow

    Doug, I'm new as a TomTom user (but not as a GPS, smartphone, or computer user), but I am compelled to say that I think @Gettingfedupnow has pretty clearly identified the root cause of the problem iPhone users are having with the Rider 550.

    To summarize his position, he's saying that Apple made changes to the way Bluetooth connections are established & maintained with external devices, and these changes required application developers such as TomTom to make minor changes to the way their apps and/or devices establish & maintain a Bluetooth connection with an iPhone running the most recent release of the iPhone operating system.

    We can presume that Apple has fully documented the nature of these changes as well as documented exactly what application and device software developers had to do to update their software, simply because so many other apps & devices that connect to an iPhone via Bluetooth have had their application and/or device software updated in the past 3 months. The whole constellation of other brand (non-TomTom) devices and iPhone apps - ranging from phone headsets to drones - currently have no problem at all establishing and maintaining a Bluetooth connection to an iPhone running the current version of iOS. An example - and I provide this dispassionately, without any irony or innuendo, is Garmin's iPhone app 'SmartLink' and the various Garmin GPSRs, which are all trouble-free with the current iOS.

    The link to the article from The Verge that @Gettingfedupnow provided in his post above explains why Apple made the changed they did to iOS Bluetooth connectivity. Apple's rationale is sensible and in the best interest of their customers.

    I don't know why TomTom has not yet released an updated version of MyDriveConnect. It doesn't make sense to me that a large organization such as TomTom, which obviously has competence in software development, did not react to the Apple Bluetooth changes as a matter of course and release an updated iPhone app within a month or so of Apple making their changes.

    I do know that the overall market for standalone GPS navigators is shrinking as more and more automobile (and even motorcycle) manufactures supply built-in navigation systems in their vehicles, and as smartphone navigation systems (e.g. Google Maps, Apple Maps, and even TomTom's own standalone smartphone navigation app) further erode the market for portable GPSRs. I also note that TomTom did not report good financial results for 2019 (see TomTom 2019 Financial Report Released - not pretty here in our forum).

    For the above-stated reasons, I am beginning to get a little concerned about the future.

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    Thanks Michael.

    I had trouble on the Facebook Tomtom site getting them to understand the issue. The admin on there just got themselves all stressed out and locked onto Apple being the issue and decided not to discuss the issue any more

    I am pleased that you have also grasped the very probable cause of the issue. It seemed pretty straightforward to me too. :) Lets hope that someone from Tomtom also investigates this.

    I am not surprised that Tomtom profits have fallen. They now have a truly poor reputation in motorcycle land.
    When you add in how long it takes for them to fix issues, the fact they moved the goalposts on what "lifetime maps" meant and the fact they are not cheap toys to start with (motorcycle are expensive at least) it is clear why they are losing customers

    They need to rebuild trust with those customers and try to earn back some of the loyalty they have shed - at the moment they seem to be doing the opposite of that.

    If they wish to reverse things, they need to their improve customer service as a starting point.
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  • ST1300_PanEuropeanST1300_PanEuropean Posts: 42 [Outstanding Explorer]

    It is possible that iOS 12.x is the most recent version of iOS available for the iPhone 5S, but it is certainly not the most recent version for later iPhones such as the X (ten).

    There are considerable disadvantages to turning off automatic updates of the Apple phone operating system, not the least of which is compromised security.

    The solution to the problem of iPhones running current version software (e.g. 13.x) not working with TomTom navigation devices has to come from TomTom in the form of either a navigation device firmware update, an updated release of MyDriveConnect, or both.

    It is just not acceptable to suggest that iPhone users stop updating the iPhone OS, or roll back their iPhone OS to an earlier version (if that is even possible) in order to connect with their TomTom navigation device.

    There are tens of thousands of apps available for iPhones - the developers of those other apps have provided updates to ensure full Bluetooth compatibility with the current version of iOS.

    Now, TomTom needs to do the same, otherwise, customers are going to be upset because they are not getting what TomTom is currently advertising: full telephony operation, SMS text display, and live traffic.

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    I have the iphone SE (based on the 5) current os is 13.3.1 I gather it is (or maybe !) possible to go back but at a risk of "Bricking" the phone. I believe there are 2 or 3 threads now about this. Tomtoms answer seem to involve a bucket of sand and lowering your head !!! Fed up with all the "turn this on, turn this off, turn round 3 times and pray to Omm" especially as these solutions only seem to work for short periods. Need sorting, but Tomtom seem uninterested, or unable, to sort it out.
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    Hi Michael
    It is possible that iOS 12.x is the most recent version of iOS available for the iPhone 5S, but it is certainly not the most recent version for later iPhones such as the X (ten)
    Yes... iOS 12.4.5 is the latests O/S for the iPhone 5s
    There are considerable disadvantages to turning off automatic updates of the Apple phone operating system, not the least of which is compromised security
    Apple still notify you if there's an iOS Update even if you if you have Auto Updates turned OFF
    Then the Choice is mine whether I install the update of not....

    Screen Shot Auto updates ON....
    Quote from link bellow... iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 5S are no longer getting the latest mobile operating system upgrades from Apple and will be stuck on iOS 12 for good
    Link... https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/science-technology/1179859/Apple-iPhone-6-iPhone-5s-OS-13-not-compatible-release-launch

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    I don't disagree with anything you have written above, but it's not germane to the problem that this thread discusses, which is that the Rider 550 navigation device does not fully function when it is paired with an iPhone running iOS 13.x - that being the most recent operating system for the newer iPhones.

    I'm happy that users who have older iPhones, such as your iPhone 5S, are not affected by this problem.

    The issue - the whole point of this specific discussion - is that users who have newer iPhones running iOS 13.x have lost most of the advertised functionality of their TomTom navigation device.

    So, let's keep the discussion "on topic". The topic, as shown in the title of the thread, is "Rider 550 & iPhone XS Bluetooth Connectivity Problem".

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    I’m running the IOS 13.4 beta, it’s even more unstable if that’s possible! I’ve been through every iteration of turn on turn off resets and sent in every serial number on my system and TT have reverted back to previous solutions rather than just saying stick with the workaround for now. No admission that they just can’t sort it. I have sent an email to where I purchased it from to see if a refund is possible.
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