Unable to perform updates

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I have been unable to install updates for my Tom Tom Start for several months now. When My Drive connects it will show 2 updates available. One for (I guess) the main USA map, the other for a QuickGPSFix. This later is the main issue as the device, when in use, it tends to loose its GPS frequently even in major cities. The error we're given is that "servers are busy, please retry."

The region of OH were we live, roughly 1/2 way between the cities of Toledo & Cleveland in OH is classified - by some standards - to be rural. At least this is what we've been told as to why there are so many "dead zones" for cell phone coverage. We decided to buy a Tom Tom (this being our 3rd device) so as to avoid those issues and navigate where ever it is we are traveling in the US. Having the device constantly loose its GPS makes its usefulness limited.

There have also been a few updates for the My Connect software but still no improvement in obtaining updates.